Italy SC Fund I Nov 2000
Leading manufacturer of branded nutraceutical and dietetic OTC products
Company Name:Sirc
Sales:€ 6m
Date of investment:Nov 2000
Deal Type:LBO, growth
Syntegra Role:Lead investor

business description

  • Leading manufacturer and wholesaler of branded nutraceutical and dietetic OTC products sold through pharmacies
  • In 2002, sales of dietetic products collapsed as a consequence of a severe market downturn brought about by negative press comments on the effectiveness of weight reducers
  • Since then, the company went through a restructuring phase, aimed at re-establishing sound levels of sales and profitability
  • The company has slowly recuperated sales and margin levels and is today the market leader in melatonin products

transaction strategy

  • Sirc was an interesting opportunity to enter a high-growth industry with clear exit path
    • Attractive entry price significantly below industry standards
    • Built on strong market position, internal and external growth opportunities
    • Objective to structure and grow the existing business