Germany SC Fund I Aug 2000
Logistic services provider for tourism marketing
Company Name:Infox TLG/TWI
Sales:€ 20m
Date of investment:August 2000
Date of exit:July 2010
Deal Type:MBO, buy & build / growth
Syntegra Role:Sole investor

business description

  • Provider of logistic services in support of marketing by tourism sector
  • Infox is active in Germany and the Netherlands. The services include brochure and document mailing, communication facilities and online services. Infox combined dominant market positions, high profitability and strong cash generation, which could support the launch of new services to the travel sector; in particular to launch new IT- driven logistic services

transaction strategy

  • Develop an integrated outsourcing solution for European tourism providers
    • Very experienced management with highly profitable/cash-generative platform
    • Product-line extensions, including Web-based products, productivity gains through applying Dutch systems in Germany and purchase/merger with parallel companies in other European markets (B, F, GB)