Germany SC Fund III Oct 2009
Leading German provider of tutoring services
Company Name:Schülerhilfe
Sector:Private tutoring services
Sales:€ 32m (2009)
Date of investment:October 2009
Date of exit:October 2013
Deal Type:LBO, growth
Syntegra Role:Joint lead

business description

  • Leading German provider of tutoring services to the German and Austrian primary and secondary education markets
  • Schülerhilfe has developed a network of over 1,100 centres in 890 locations, providing blanket coverage of Germany and Austria
  • Schülerhilfe operates via a mix business model whereby ca. 25% of its centres are company owned whilst the rest is franchised

transaction strategy

  • Value creation for Schülerhilfe consists of boosting sales by taking market share from the informal tutoring market:
    • Professionalize operations and marketing in the centres
    • Widen product and service offering
    • Implement international roll-out (e.g. Poland, Switzerland)