what we do

Building Value

When investing in a business, our paramount goal is the creation of long-term, solid shareholder value.

We aim to complete only a limited number of projects, in order to take on the special responsibilities inherent in the investor’s role. It is this vision that assures our full commitment to all companies, including those which require special attention or shareholder support.

European Approach

The team’s wide range of experience has shown that value can be added by extending the business’ focus from a purely local/national dimension to a truly European one.

Syntegra Capital’s European structure reflects this perspective, and our team can be fully mobilized on international merger or acquisition projects for our investee companies.

Investment Horizon

The Fund aims at achieving a substantial gain in value over an investment horizon which will typically range between 3 and 6 years.

Management Incentive

A dedicated management team is the cornerstone of the value creation process. Every project Syntegra Capital has completed has management as shareholders alongside Syntegra Capital.

Focus on Capital Gain

Since our goal is to create long-term capital appreciation, the Fund does not generally seek dividends or interest income. We are solely focused on realising a capital gain at the time of exit.